I believe digital tools should make life easier. The interface of these tools should allow a person to do what they need with as little friction as possible. A product should come 90% of the way to the user. Good UI design does not require the user to bend their heads around our particular way of how we think something should be done. The design process is a kind of empathetic ventriloquism. We must put ourselves in the users shoes; understand their essential problem, their expectations, and their current familiarity with interface paradigms. The 10% we ask them to learn should be introduced with generous explaination in context.

This is my purpose as an interface designer. To make digital products that provide utility, pleasure and meaning to people's lives. A lofty statement, yes. But life's activities are increasingly done through these interfaces on glowing screens. So we might as well make these experiences as pleasant as possible.

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User Interface Designer in Boulder, Colorado, trying to make it easier for your mom to use computers.